D'liquet MD is a professional skin care line backed by Dermatology knowledge and expertise and is designed for Dermatology and Plastic surgery clinics.

Skin is a unique organ of the human body that has the largest surface and plays a crucial role in the maintenance of our physical, emotional and social integrity. Treatment of skin conditions is not limited to prescribing topical, oral or injectable medications.


Skin diseases may affect different aspects of the skin's homeostasis, causing various imbalances. Several examples of imbalances include increased/ decreased oiliness, microbiome alteration, dryness, desquamation and dyschromia. The aim of topical cream treatments is to reduce the imbalances in the skin.

Although the D'liquet MD cosmetic line is not prescription medication it can be used as an additional supplementary skin treatment and function as an enhancer to the prescribed treatments.

All of the active ingredients in D'liquet MD cosmetics are carefully selected and have strong evidence of beneficial impacts on the skin's health.